What you should know about k-beauty before going to Myeong-dong

What You Should Know about K-beauty before going to Myeong-dong

: Personal Color Matching Service  in ETUDE HOUSE Myeong-dong FSS

Korean makeup brand, ETUDE HOUSE is offering a 'personal color' matching service with personal lipstick-making service by 14th of this month.

ETUDE is the biggest makeup brand in Korea. It's a mass brand, but it has tons of different color shades, especially when it comes to eye shadow. And the quality is pretty good, considering the price.
The reason why you should shop at this brand is that it is the real Korean makeup style brand. You can find strawberry pink color, peach coral color, and other lovely eye shadows here. The mascara pixer is really a thing. It's a must-have item for Koreans. If your mascara smudges, I highly recommend it. Apply it before applying a mascara, and it prevents smudges 99%. I haven't seen any smudging mascara not working with this. And it's only $5.52! Even cheaper if a sale is on.  

Booking :…

The Latest K-dramas You Must Watch (August,2018)

<K-dramas HOT in Korea, in August 2018>

1. Mr.SunshineThis drama is on the air and is available on Netflix!
You should definitely watch this.. The visual is amazing.
About $35,730,236 has been put in. It's a historical drama, demonstrating the time during Chosun dynasty, you'll see a bit of war scene, mostly talking about the confusing times. But like all the other k-dramas, it's mostly about love. The development of the story can be a little bit lazy, but the beautiful scenes cover it. The main actress Tae Ri Kim, who took a role in a famous movie <The Handmaden> is my favorite actress. 

another female main character (beautiful)

2. 30 but 17The main character is in her age of 30, woke up from 13 years of comma. She became 17 to 30, and everything has been changed. This drama is also on a broadcast. I like it because of her lovely acting. And this drama shows a lot about how it is like in Korea to not have something recorded in your resume. The supporting male chara…

Work environment in South Korea

Hi, I'm Jackie.

I'm a native Korean who's living in Korea. (Don't ask me are you from North Korea or South Korea! No one from North Korea is allowed to go abroad and talk to you guys) I've been noticed many of my American friends and some of my friends from another country are dreaming about Asian life and so into Korean culture. Yes, we have lots of fascinating cultures like k-pop, pretty little fancy cosmetics business, drastically changing fashion trend, aegyo culture(acting cute), caring relationship culture which is a bit different with western culture when it comes to expressing one's feeling, and what else.. ah, extreme food culture. But putting aside all these, I'd like to talk about a working environment first. I'm pretty sure that this will break your fantasies about Korea!

South Korea's economy has grown up drastically from 1970s to 2018.
We were under a dictatorship in 70s. Many people died and we had some national activities that every…